• MOUNTAIN VIEW LIBRARY 120 Bragaw Street Anchorage, AK, 99508 United States

A community tells its story

Join editors Martha Amore and Lucian Childs, along with contributors Shelby Wilson and Laura Carpenter, in this kick-off event for Alaska Book Week moderated by Libby Roderick. Participants will share their work and discuss the process of writing about the Alaska LGBTQ community.

Building Fires in the Snow: A Collection of Alaska LGBTQ Short Fiction and Poetry is a pathbreaking book featuring work from some of Alaska’s finest writers. How does the anthology reveal different aspects of the Alaska LGBTQ community? How can collaborative projects such as Building Fires in the Snow or Arctic Entries open windows onto little-seen aspects of our state? Can literature empower a community or does it stand outside political and social movements? 

A Question and Answer session and book signing will follow. 


Presented by Alaska Center for the Book