Building Fires in the Snow news

The book tour has begun! Last night, we had a book signing at Fireside Books in Palmer, Alaska, followed by a dinner, reading and question and answer session at Turkey Red Restaurant. 15 people attended the dinner. MoHagani Magnetek and Teeka Ballas read from their work in the anthology. Editors Martha Amore and Lucian Childs gave a brief presentation. Dawnell Smith joined the conversation, sharing observations about her work and the editing process. Thanks to all who came! Thanks also to David Cheezem of Fireside Books for putting the event together.

(l to r) MoHagani Magnetek,  Martha Amore,  Teeka Ballas and Lucian Childs

(l to r) MoHagani Magnetek, Martha Amore, Teeka Ballas and Lucian Childs

Next up on the docket is a reading and discussion this Thursday at the University of Alaska Anchorage Bookstore. This Saturday, Martha, Teeka, and Dawnell will be joining Teresa Sundmark down in Homer for an event at the Homer Library.

In other news, the elves at University of Chicago have been working to publicize the book and it is starting to show up on lists of LGBTQ fall releases: The Washington Blade, Lambda Literary, Women and Words, and Autostraddle.

Capital City Weekly down in Juneau gave the book a nice blurb.

You can buy the book in digital or physical form at the links below (you can even order it through Walmart and ebay UK!), but please support your local bookstore. We’ll be adding to this list, but you can now purchase physical copies of Building Fires in the Snow in Alaska at:

Barnes & Noble, Anchorage (book signing Sept. 29)
University of Alaska Bookstore, Anchorage
Barnes & Noble, Fairbanks
Gulliver’s Books, Fairbanks (event Oct. 7)
Fireside Books, Palmer
Homer Bookstore, Homer